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[Note: We are in the process of updating our website and complete resource listing, including our historical resource archive. If you need immediate access to something that is not listed at this time, feel free to contact us at]

At its roots, NCLP is a place for leadership educators to share insights and resources with one another. Over the years we have curated various resource lists for program and course design, assessment and research, and continued education and development experiences for leadership educators and students alike. Click the buttons below to access our various resources lists. You will be re-directed to a folder or file on an open-access Google Drive and can use the search function to find what you need. Please note that these lists are populated with materials and information provided by our community of leadership educators. These lists are not exhaustive, nor are the resources included necessarily endorsed by NCLP. Rather, the resources shared with us are provided here for NCLP community members to consider and use as they see appropriate.

Coming Soon! Teaching and Program Design Resources, Leadership Educator Development Opportunities.

The usefulness of these lists is dependent upon submissions from leadership educators like you! If you would like to submit a resource to NCLP, please do so using our online form linked below.

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