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While today's NCLP connects and supports leadership educators in a variety of ways, NCLP began primarily as a resource clearinghouse at a time when robust research and publications on leadership learning and development did not yet exist. Historically, NCLP has maintained resource lists related to program and course design, assessment and research, and continued education and development experiences for leadership educators and students alike.

Today, the leadership education resource landscape has expanded immensely, as the field has grown to produce a strong network of scholars and practitioners who develop all kinds of resources widely available to the leadership educator community. While NCLP no longer seeks to be (nor needs to be) the sole repository of resources for leadership educators, we aim to help connect you to each other and the variety of tools, research, publications, opportunities, and initiatives that can help you find what you need.

While our focus has shifted, we do still happily list any resource that a member of the NCLP community may wish to share. Click the buttons below to access our various resources lists. You will be re-directed to a folder or file on an open-access Google Drive and can use the search function to find what you need. Please note that these lists are populated with materials and information provided by our community of leadership educators. These lists are not exhaustive, nor are the resources included necessarily endorsed by NCLP. Rather, the resources shared with us are provided here for NCLP community members to consider and use as they see appropriate. The usefulness of these lists is dependent upon submissions from leadership educators like you! If you would like to submit a resource to NCLP, please do so using our online form linked below.

Resources from the International Leadership Association (ILA)

The International Leadership Association (ILA) is a professional association for leaders, leadership scholars, leadership educators, and leadership developers/coaches across industries and fields. ILA has a strong community of interdisciplinary leadership educators in higher education that over the years have worked toward the advancement of leadership programs in a number of ways. Learn more about the Committee for the Advancement of Leadership Programs and the associated General Principles for Leadership Programs (2021) and Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs (2009) by clicking the button below.

Leadership Educator Professional Development Opportunities

Leadership educators in higher education are fortunate to have a number of professional associations and entities devoted in whole or in part to their development. Depending on the stage of your career, context of your work, or alignment of your role, you may find various associations and programs to be valuable for different reasons. NCLP is committed to helping leadership educators find the professional development opportunities that are right for them at any given point in their professional journey, regardless of institutional affiliations or association memberships.

Leadership Educators Institute: A conference-style program for leadership educators within and beyond higher education with concurrent sessions, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, and networking events. Hosted in collaboration between NCLP, NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, and ACPA College Student Educators International. Occurs bi-annually in even-numbered years.

Leadership Educators Symposium: A retreat-style, cohort-based experience for leadership educators within and beyond higher education that dives deeply into a timely leadership education topic via conversation and co-constructed learning. Hosted in collaboration between NCLP and LeaderShape. Occurs bi-annually in odd-numbered years.

Leadership Education Academy: An immersive training program for leadership educators within and beyond higher education focused on advancing capacity to teach leadership in a variety of settings. Covers leadership theories/models, pedagogy, and program/course design. Hosted by the International Leadership Association. Occurs annually.

International Leadership Association Annual Global Conference: A cross-sector, multi-disciplinary conference-style program with concurrent sessions, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, and networking events. Serves leadership educators as well as leadership scholars, organizational and community positional leaders, and leadership coaches/developers across industries.

Association of Leadership Educators Annual Conference: An interdisciplinary conference-style program with concurrent sessions, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, and networking events. For educators and scholars across disciplines, practitioners, and thought leaders in the field of leadership education.

NOTE: The opportunities listed here are designed specifically for leadership educators and/or have the field of leadership education as a significant focus of the experience. Many other professional development programs are available through associations/organizations that leadership educators may find helpful for their specific context or interests. NCLP encourages our community members to diversify their professional development plans as their needs and interests evolve.

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