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Leadership Educators Institute



    LEI 2024 | Dec 9-11 | Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Faculty and staff across an institution play an essential role in designing, implementing, and evaluating leadership education initiatives through leadership courses and programs, co-curricular opportunities, and new technologies. The Leadership Educators Institute (LEI) is a bi-annual conference planned by and for leadership educators across higher education, offered by NCLP in partnership with ACPA College Student Educators International and NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. Featuring plenary sessions and conference-style programs from fellow leadership educators across the globe, LEI creates a space for educators, administrators, scholars, and practitioners to discuss and advance current leadership topics, such as:

    • Modern leadership theories and models including new research, applications, and critical perspectives
    • Innovative and inclusive curriculum, pedagogy, and strategies for leadership studies courses
    • Assessment and evaluation of leadership programs, student development, and learning outcomes
    • Future directions in leadership education and development based on widely-used studies and standards such as the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL), the CAS Standards for Leadership Education and Development, and the International Leadership Association (ILA) Guiding Questions
    • Unique co-curricluar program models and high-impact practices including those with cohort and multi-year engagement, distance and online learning, service-learning, mentoring, and global experiences
    • Strategy and management of leadership program operations including staff training, funding, and partnerships
    • Intersectional and interdisciplinary approaches to leadership education

    The LEI 2024 planning team is hard at work! Check back for details so you don't miss out!

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