• National Leadership Symposium 2016

    Intentional and Evidence-Based Practice in Leadership Education: Celebrating 20 Years of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development

     July 18-21 2016

    University of Tampa

    As the field of leadership education has grown and developed over the past 20 years, so too has our knowledge and understanding of the leadership education practices and environments that facilitate students’ leadership learning and development.  From the introduction of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in 1996, to the Kellogg Report Leadership in the Making in 2001, to research from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) from 2006 to today, and with many other contributions in between, the conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research base on college student leadership education has substantially grown.  We know much more today than ever before on college student leadership development, and it is our responsibility as leadership educators to use this great insight to guide contemporary practice in leadership education.

    The 2016 National Leadership Symposium will capitalize on this knowledge and focus on how leadership educators can incorporate intentional and evidence-practice in leadership curriculum and co-curriculum [or in their leadership programs and courses]. A key finding from the MSL is that “it isn’t what we do, but how we do it that ultimately makes a difference” in leadership education (Dugan, Kodama, Correia, & Associates, 2013, p. 6).  Building off of this, the Symposium will focus on intentional and evidence-based pedagogies, practices, and considerations that can maximize student leadership learning and development.   


    Through participating in the National Leadership Symposium participants will learn about:

    • -The historical and contemporary landscape of college student leadership education
    • -Intentional and evidence-based practice in leadership education
    • -Programs, pedagogies, and practices that facilitate college student leadership learning
    • -Strategies for implementing high impact practices in leadership education
    • -Data and research that can inform leadership education practices

  • NEW DIRECTIONS FOR STUDENT LEADERSHIP has been released. Co-editors Don Stenta and Cara McFadden have a great group of authors and informative chapters on developing leadership through the amazing learning opportunities in recreation, intramural sports, and athletics.

    You can purchase this issue or subscribe to the NDSL series at .

    Thank you for supporting this new series- please recommend it to your college librarian as well at

  • International Leadership Association

    17th Annual Global Conference

    Leading Across Boarders and Generations

    October 14-17 2015

    Barcelona Spain

    Association of Leadership Educators Conference

    Association of Leadership Educators Conference 2016

                    July 10-13, 2016

                    Sacramento, California

    Association of Leadership Educators Conference

    Lead365 National Student Conference

    November 5-7, 2015

    Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Lake Buena Vista, Florida

     By attending, students will experience a transformation of attitude, purpose and perspective. You will also build upon your current knowledge, inspiration and aptitude, so when you return to campus, you will be a more effective collegiate leader or professional.

  • Inter-Association Leadership Educator Summit Proceedings


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