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National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs

Connectors, Conveners, & Collaborators in Leadership Education


The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs (NCLP) advances leadership education in higher education through scholarship, resource-sharing, community-building, and professional development opportunities for leadership educators. NCLP connects faculty, staff, and students across institutions who are dedicated to leadership learning and development initiatives in curricular, co-curricular, and community contexts.

While housed at the University of Maryland in the Washington, DC area, NCLP serves a global community of leadership educators. Our work is made possible by a team of faculty, staff, and volunteers from higher education institutions around the world.


NCLP has been at the forefront of the professionalization of Leadership Education for decades. A few or our signature programs, resources, and offerings are listed below. We are proud to collaborate with our organizational partners from across higher education on a number of these initiatives. Further details about each are provided here on our website. 

  • LEADERSHIP EDUCATORS INSTITUTE: Bi-annual conference planned by and for leadership educators across higher education, offered in partnership with ACPA College Student Educators International and NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.
  • LEADERSHIP EDUCATORS SYMPOSIUM: (formerly the National Leadership Symposium) A retreat-style experience focused on exploring timely topics in leadership education through experiential learning and dialogue with leadership education scholars-in-residence.
  • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP SCALE (SRLS): Used for research, assessment, and education related to the Social Change Model for Leadership Development. Find out more at
  • LEADERSHIP FOR A BETTER WORLD: The popular text used in leadership programs and classrooms around the world to help students understand and apply the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Learn more about this publication here.
  • THE HANDBOOK FOR STUDENT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: One of the original resources for leadership educator preparation in higher education. Learn more about this publication here.
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