Socially Responsible Leadership Scale-Revised Version Two

SRLS is a statistically valid and reliable assessment tool designed to measure the seven values of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. The SRLS online is the perfect tool to use in leadership courses and small-scale programs. Research and assessment in leadership development helps everyone to improve our practice for students as we continue to learn which experiences have the most impact on our learning outcomes. The Socially Responsible Leadership Scale (SRLS) is an instrument based on the Social Change Model of leadership development. The SRLS is used for research, assessment, and education to measure and identify leadership capacities. As you plan your future courses and programs, we urge you to consider the SRLS online as resource.

You can access the SRLS at Please direct any questions about NCLP or about the SRLS online to

We encourage you to reach out to our partners at the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL) if you are interested in conducting larger-scale programmatic, academic assessment, or an institution-wide examination of leadership-related outcomes and the factors influencing them. You can find out more about the MSL at