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2017 National Leadership Symposium

July 16-19
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas

The theme for the 2017 Symposium is Examining and Reframing Leadership through a Critical Lens. Here is a short description of the topic and the program outcomes that the committee put together:
A wide range of leadership theories, frameworks, and models exist that can be used in leadership education. How often do we think deeply or critically about those theories, frameworks, and models and their utility in society today? What strategies can assist us to more critically examine and construct leadership education so that assumptions and biases are discussed and shaped to better embrace the complexity of the world in which we live and lead? As leadership educators we have a responsibility to help students learn how to critically examine leadership concepts and the world around them and to help students develop leadership practices that are inclusive, ethical, and just. The 2017 National Leadership Symposium focuses on critically examining and reframing how we view and approach leadership. Participants will learn how to deconstruct concepts of leadership, examine what shapes their understanding of leadership, and identify ways to transform their leadership education practice and pedagogies. Participants at the 2017 National Leadership Symposium will:
  • Explore models and theories of leadership using a critical approach;
  • Understand what it means to deconstruct and reconstruct leadership models and theories;
  • Identify pedagogies and design-thinking practices to facilitate student leadership learning through a critical perspective.
  • Engage with other leadership educators in critical conversations about leadership theories, leadership education, and leadership practice.
National Leadership Symposium Scholars
John Dugan, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Loyola University Chicago
Sonia Ospina, Professor of Public Management and Policy, New York University
Larry Roper, Professor, School of Language, Culture and Society, Oregon State University
You can register for the 2017 Symposium here!