Leadership Educators Institute

Institute Description
Leadership education of college and university students is an important and ongoing process within higher education insitutions. Student affairs professionals play a quintessential role in coordinating, shaping, and evaluationg this area through developing leadership courses and programs, creating co-curricular opportunities, and utilizing new technologies. The Leadership Educators Institute (LEI) is an innovatie forum geared specifically towards new to mid-level student affairs professionals and leadership educators with these responsibilities.

Participants will learn from plenary speakers and educational sessions, as well as through engaging in active learning and dialogue with one another during roundtable sessions. The Institute will assist participants with program and leadership course development and provde opportunities to learn through participation in smaller group environments on leadership education across institutional type and identity groups.

The Leadership Educators Institute will provide a professional development experience where new and mid-level student affairs educators will discuss timely leadership topics. The Institute Planning Committee is seeking concurrent session proposals that are highly interactive and content driven to provide participants with new learning and information focused on the following topics areas:

    Leadership Development Theory and Models
  • What are effective strategies for translating theory to practice for today's diverse student generation?
  • How are institutions successfully using leadership development theories and models to successfully engage students?
  • Leadership Curriculum and Programs
  • What are innovative practicies for both credit and non-credit courses with innovative syllabi, curriculum, effective teaching methods, and incentives for students?
  • How are successful cohort leadership programs designed focusing on various groups (emerging leaders, multi-year programs, identity groupds)?
  • What are strategies for overcoming development issues and lack of funding for leadership programs?
  • How do leadership curriculum and programs effectivel incorporate service, service-learning, and experiential learning?
  • What are ways leadership programs educate students about citizenship, ethics, and political engagement?
  • Technology, Research, and Assessment in Leadership Programs
  • What learning outcomes guide successful leadership programs and what are steps for their development? How are CAS Standards applied thoroughly in leadership?
  • What are innovative uses of technology in leadership education such as virtual leadership portfolios, communities, and programs?
  • What new research and scholarship guides our understanding of leadership?