Assessment Tools

Socially Responsible 

Leadership Scale

The Socially Responsible Leadership Scale (SRLS) is an instrument based on the Social Change Model (SCM) of leadership development. The SRLS is used for research, assessment, and education to measure and identify leadership capacities. SRLS is a simple Web-based survey that takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Students are instantly scored on the eight core values of SCM. The SRLS Online provides the perfect resource for conducting individual and group assessment as well as smaller-scale programmatic or course assessment. If you are interested in conducting larger-scale programmatic or academic assessment or an institution-wide examination of leadership-related outcomes and the factors influencing them please see more information about the MSL.

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

The mission of the MSL is to provide educators with the tools necessary to make smart investments that reap large returns when it comes to developing leadership capacity in our students.  The MSL offers a rich set of benefits to help you engage in evidence-based practice. Schools have used MSL results to:

  • Design new programs and services ranging from leadership minors and certification programs to reorganizing departments to better meet learning needs
  • Justify and increase human and financial resources including new professional staff positions and additional funding
  • Provide evidence of student learning for accreditation and institutional assessment purposes
  • Educate the campus community on unique learning needs and how to positively influence student development

The Council for the Advancement of Standards for Higher Education

CAS has developed 45 sets of functional area standards for higher education programs and services, including one for "Student Leadership Programs". Order CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education book (2015, 9th ed.), which includes general standards for practice and functional area standards, from the online CAS store.

 CAS has updated all functional area standards and accompanying self-assessment guides (SAGs); in addition, several standards have been significantly revised. The newest SAGs, which include a revised structure and rating scale, provide individuals and institutions with means for assessing program and service effectiveness based on the standards (available as downloadable electronic documents from the online CAS store).