The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs, through the development of cutting edge resources, information sharing, and symposia, supports leadership development in college students by serving as a central source of professional development for leadership educators. The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs also works to connect leadership educators to one another and support those developing leadership programs in their communities.


  • NCLP believes that leadership is a relational process of people working together to accomplish change or to make a difference that will benefit the common good.

  • NCLP believes everyone is involved in the leadership process and that everyone is capable of being an effective leader.

  • NCLP believes that leadership qualities and skills can be learned and developed and that leadership can be exhibited in many ways.

  • NCLP believes that leadership is a values rich process that can be practiced in multiple contexts because leadership is contextual.

  • NCLP believes that leadership education, training, and development should focus on expanding a student's inner knowledge of oneself and one's relations with others, enabling them to engage in the leadership process in various contexts.

  • NCLP believes that institutions should be committed to enhancing and developing the leadership capacities of students so they may enhance their professionss, their communities, and society.

  • NCLP believes that leadership initiatives and programs should embrace the values of diversity and inclusion in processes and content, to empower students to be effective change agents in a pluralistic world.

  • NCLP believes that leadership educators should contribute to the scholarship of leadership, help to advance the field of leadership studies, enhance effective pedagogies to develop leadership, and improve standards of practice.